Solutions for authentic eyewear made in Italy

The goal is to deliver the very best finished frames that meet each specific request of demanding customers with pinpoint accuracy. This goal requires continuously improving the processing techniques. Spectacles has responded through investing in the verticalization of the production processes, enabling the in-house processing of all components.

Technology and production flexibility

Spectacles offers the necessary flexibility, which translates into a significant competitive advantage and complete customer satisfaction. Six next-generation 5-axis CNC milling centres ensure outstanding precision and speed in operations and allow extremely short lead times.

Reliability and attention to detail

The efficiency and speed of production at Spectacles combine a passion for detail and precision every step of the way. All of which is ensured by the traditional craftsmanship unique to the Veneto eyewear district. The know-how passed down through generations, famous around the world, enhances the style and creativity in processing cellulose acetate and alternative materials. Spectacles customers can rely on the company to deliver the luxuriance of genuine Made in Italy eyewear.