Custom made luxury eyewear

Listening to customers’ needs and then designing, developing and transforming them into complete eyewear frames that meet all requirements and needs. This is the challenge faced by Spectacles in an increasingly demanding market in terms of style, ergonomics and performance. Paving the way is the passionate work of the in-house research & development department: the driving force behind the innovation that makes the company stand out above the rest.

High end eyeglasses for the most important brands

What are the foundations of an extraordinary offer, even when compared with those of many competitors? Dialogue between partners effectively translated into cutting edge technical solutions. The ability to understand, interpret and often anticipate future needs or specific requirements. Knowing how forge ahead in the development of finished products is a part of customary know-how, which continues to develop by working together with the design departments of the most prestigious brands and companies in the high-end eyewear industry.

Research and Development

Lastly, the first-rate technical department in charge of organising the processes is able to create the best solution for large-scale production and start-up a flawless production as conceived and designed by the R&D department. Materials, durability, elegance, character: Spectacles leaves nothing to chance for the luxury eyewear industry.